Design is Everywhere- the Harvest Mantra

When I was in Graduate School at SCI-Arc, I was honored to have many amazing Architects as mentors and throughout my 3-1/2 years there – two of which were Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann RayThe most important thing that I learned from this amazing teaching duo was one simple phrase… “Design is Everywhere.”

During that time, conversations occurred in the wee hours of the night in the design studio or during an afternoon lecture and it always touched on these three words.  Robert and Mary-Ann would invite the studio over for dinner in their giant warehouse studio, setting the make shift table made from long pieces of Carrara marble – serving us magnificent bowls of steamed clams as we talked on about design throughout the night.

We would talk about how design is not only in how you think about a building, but in how you tie a package or set a table, write a note or align your shoes in your closet.  Everything you do can have design intent and a sense of order to it.  Everything has a purpose and no item is too small to be considered.

That stuck with me and many years later I maintain that mantra and have adopted it in my own studio and with my own team.  It’s how we look at our work and how we connect to various artists’ works we love, whether it be in written form, through food, music or visual and performance arts.  It’s how creative people see the world and how we make sense of it. 


Creative Juices A Flowin’ in 2018

The beginning of the New Year often brings resolutions and attempts to do something that you think you “should” do…floss your teeth, make it to the gym, eat more greens, drink more water…things that other people tell you you’re supposed to do (and you know you really should do if you’re honest).

Here at Harvest, as I sit at my laptop after getting back from our winter break…I’m thinking about all those things, but also thinking about things that get our creative juices flowing when we’re working on our projects.

Two words come to my mind…

As we get back into things over here, I’m cruising through different people’s collaborations, products, new materials and applications for them and I’m getting that feeling.

I can’t wait to see what we can do with all this great stuff and the possibilities of fun collaborations with all of our friends this year.

As we start this 2018 – we launch our new blog to give tips, provide information and introduce you to some of our local friends.

What brings you JOY?

What INSPIRES you?

Drop us a line and let us know…we can’t wait to see where this ride will take us!




RAW: Almond 2016

This past week I traveled an entire day to reach my destination…to eat Chef Matt Emch’s food at RAW:Almond.

RAW:Almond is a pop-up restaurant on the ice in the middle of winter where temporary architecture and great food collide.


Check it out:



Rose Parade

Pasadena natives know how important the Rose Parade is. It is the way we bring in the New Year, and the city is always excited to share it with the entire world.

We were thrilled that Lisa got the opportunity to be involved in the construction of this award winning float. The process is amazing to watch and contribute to… not to mention it is such a fun time!

A big thanks to everyone who helped, and of course… Happy New Year!


Celebrate the Arts

It is once again that time where we step out of the office and take a few moments to work with local kids at “Celebrate the Arts”.

Harvest thrives on creativity, and it was amazing to see it flowing in abundance from artists of all ages.

What an inspiring day!

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Drop By, Let’s Celebrate.

We have a new office and a new look!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

4:00pm – 7:30pm


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