When I was in Graduate School at SCI-Arc, I was honored to have many amazing Architects as mentors and throughout my 3-1/2 years there – two of which were Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann RayThe most important thing that I learned from this amazing teaching duo was one simple phrase… “Design is Everywhere.”

During that time, conversations occurred in the wee hours of the night in the design studio or during an afternoon lecture and it always touched on these three words.  Robert and Mary-Ann would invite the studio over for dinner in their giant warehouse studio, setting the make shift table made from long pieces of Carrara marble – serving us magnificent bowls of steamed clams as we talked on about design throughout the night.

We would talk about how design is not only in how you think about a building, but in how you tie a package or set a table, write a note or align your shoes in your closet.  Everything you do can have design intent and a sense of order to it.  Everything has a purpose and no item is too small to be considered.

That stuck with me and many years later I maintain that mantra and have adopted it in my own studio and with my own team.  It’s how we look at our work and how we connect to various artists’ works we love, whether it be in written form, through food, music or visual and performance arts.  It’s how creative people see the world and how we make sense of it.