I know this title may be misleading to some… No, we are not embarking on a Heavy Metal Tour anytime soon. The Feel the Steel Tour refers to our fun filled day visiting the fine folks up at Riviera Bronze. And it’s also their unofficial slogan.

Located in Ventura, CA Riviera Bronze has been manufacturing custom, handcrafted steel, stainless steel and bronze doors and windows for the last fifteen years.  

One of the many perks of working at Harvest, is going on these fun field trips to meet new suppliers and discover how our businesses can work together to deliver a superior quality product and service to our customers. Two of our clients are currently in the market for steel doors and windows. Never one to rest on our laurels, we connected with Riviera Bronze to see if their product could find it’s way in our clients’ homes.   

We spent the day with Jared Sapp, Riviera’s Vice President of Sales and Customer Service, and were given a crash course in Riviera’s manufacturing of their custom steel doors and windows.

All of Riviera Bronze’s window units are available in solid steel or thermally broken stainless steel. What’s the difference? Thermally broken stainless steel units have an FRP web between the interior and exterior steel to create an energy barrier through the frame of the unit and prevent thermal conductivity.

Our heads really exploded when Jared explained to us Riviera’s Integrated Divided Light- IDL for short. “IDL is Riviera Bronze’s proprietary glazing system with the purpose of maximizing energy values while conveying the elegance and distinction of a true divided light aesthetic, with muntins as narrow as ¾.”  

An added benefit is that all of their product profiles align with each other and can be used side by side without a break in architectural lines.

Our first stop was where artisans were hard at work cutting and shaping the custom steel pieces. 

Across the way we took in another group of artisans building each custom piece by hand.

Lastly, we ended the day by visiting RB’s glazing facility. This is where every custom piece is hand glazed and finished before being shipped off to their respective homes. A client can choose between four finishes- metalized, galvanized, powder coated and/or marine grade paint.

Riviera Bronze can do it all. From casement windows, fixed windows and hoppers and awnings. Sliding doors, swinging doors, and bi-fold doors are standard. The sky is the limit for your custom creations. You want a drop down wall? No problem. A door that pivots to the left? Sure! An oversized slider with operable swinging doors is another custom order that is not out of RB’s reach.  

If you are currently in the market for steel doors or windows then I highly recommend visiting Riviera Bronze. Spend just half a day getting your mind blown with a “behind the curtain” tour of the creation of Riviera Bronze’s custom, handcrafted steel and bronze doors and windows. It’s an unforgettable opportunity where you will experience first hand the “culture of quality” that Riviera Bronze has created. You will see the attention to detail that Riviera puts into each unit which they create. We look forward to what the future will bring with Riviera Bronze. Our clients do to!